Charter - Classic Yachts, 
Traditional Craft and ex-Working Sail

This list includes restored and replica working boats now classics in themselves, and classic yachts. Many offer both private and corporate charter, for days weekends and longer periods, and attendance at major classic events in the UK and abroad.  
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The Boats

Replica Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter

Moored in the Hamble, Annabel-J is available for

Sailing Holidays - Ocean Passages.
Corporate Hospitality  
Team Building.
Classic Races and Classic Regattas   
Up to twelve guests may be  welcomed aboard this beautifully appointed modern classic 

Contact Steve or Phil Cogdell + 44 (0) 7766 138288
Or visit our Web Site at


Black Rose
Royal Navy Cutter type, circa 1790
Available for Day Sails and Cruises
email:      +44 (0) 7811 469505

"Alpha" Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter, (01865) 24759+
"Annabel-J" Replica Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter 01794 884815 
"Bessie Ellen" West Country Gaff Ketch 07980 577 008
"Black Rose", Royal Navy Cutter Type,  07811 469505

"Bona", Bawley, The OysterShed, (01206) 383312
"Chloe May", Pilot Cutter, Classic Charters, (0114) 230 5400
"Chief Ivanhoe", Classic yawl, (01326) 221525
"Colin Archer Replica" Cornish Cruising, , (01326) 211800
"Earl of Pembroke" 3 masted barque. Square Sail Shipyard.  (01726) 67526

"Eda Frandsen" Gaff Cutter, (01687) 462667
"Elk", Classic yacht, (01631) 770209
"Eve of St Mawes", Bristol channel Pilot Cutter type, Classic Sailing Ltd, (01872) 580022
"Excelsior" large Lowestoft smack, Excelsior Trust, (01502) 585302

"Golden Vanity", Gaff cutter. Trinity Sailing Foundation (01803) 883355
"Duet ", Classic yawl, Cirdan Sailing Trust, (01621) 851433
"Famaire", Galway Hooker, Sail West-Seol Siar, +353 95 33546
"Flower of Caithness", Classic Yacht, (01847) 851332
"Freya" Gaff Ketch open day boat. Isle of Iona, (01681) 700537

"Good Intent", Bawley, The Oyster Shed, (01206) 383312
"Halcyon" 1929 Wooden ketch. 01872 580022

"Hoshi", Gaff schooner, Island Cruising Club, (01548 843481++
"Irene Jack", Colin Archer replica Gaff  Cutter, (01326) 374796
"Kenya Jacaranda", Brixham trawler, Mayflower Sail Training Society (01375) 376904
"Laurie Marie" 1941 Danish, ex Trawler. (01631) 710887
"Leader" 100 Brixham Sailing Trawler. Trinity Sailing Foundation. (01803) 883355

"Lively Lady" Classic Yawl, Meridian Trust (01705) 826429
"Maaike Marina" Dutch sailing barge (01621) 843222
"Marigold" Gentleman's Racing cutter 1892.  (07966) 923207

"Marjie" Gaff Ketch. Essex & Suffolk Charters Ltd 01268 779198
"Mustang" 1966 Nicholson race boat.  
"Our Daddy" Cornish lugger. Looe.
"Phoenix" Square rigged brig. Square Sail Shipyard (01726) 67526

"Provident" Brixham Sailing Trawler. Trinity Sailing Foundation (01803 883355)
"Queen Galadriel", Gaff ketch, Cirdan Sailing Trust, (01621) 851433
"Ragna R" Classic Cruising, 01604) 412397
"Rona", Classic yacht, (01590) 679222
"Rosa & Ada", F105 classic oyster smack. Clyde. 01563 541575
"Saxonia", Thames Bawley, Saxonia Charters  
"Soteria" Schooner. Shoreham.01797 223970
"Spirit of Britannia", Boston Smack, (01793) 790514

"St Christopher", Classic yacht, Island Cruising Club, (01548) 84348
"Tangaroa" Gaff Ketch, Bristol, 0776 479 4435
"Vigilance" 1926 Brixham Trawler, 07764 845353
"Volharding" 1989 Dutch Barge, Pathways & AC Marine, 0797-1199712
"Whydah" 1850's replica American Pilot Schooner
"Xylonite" Thames barge.  Cirdan Sailing Trust, (01621) 851433

Charter Owners may add their vessels to this list by email to Tradboat. There is no charge for inclusion as above, but suitable banners or expanded entries and links are available..

Several classic yachts may work together to provide a day of mixed sailing.  Very large parties might find sailing barges an alternative in that they carry perhaps forty people for day sailing. Many classic craft provide on-board tuition and several have themed cruises - bird watching or similar.  Except in very special circumstances a professional skipper and crew are provided.

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