Dr Thomas Harrison Butler

Thomas Harrison Butler, MA, DM(Oxon), FRCS (Eng-Honorary), AINA (Honorary, was born on March 19th 1871 and died on the 29th January 1945.  He was very much a family man, with his wife Ellen, two sons and three daughters.  He was an ophthamologist of some distinction practising in Coventry, Birmingham and Leamington Spa.  Hospital work (unpaid) occupied most of his time and he held various subsidiary appointments as well as his private practice in each town.  Yacht-designing was a self-taught and amateur leisure time activity and his practical experience of sailing in small boats with his family influenced his designs.

He both lectured and was a prolific writer on  medical and yachting subjects.  He had two books published:  - An Illustrated Guide to the Slit-Lamp, and Cruising Yachts: Design and Performance  The fourth edition of Cruising Yachts contains a design supplement additional to those in the earlier editions; black and white photographs and a biographical portrait of THB by his youngest daughter, Joan Jardine-Brown.  This gives an insight into his character and more extensive details of his life in addition to his own text. 


Cruising Yachts: Design & Performance
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Some of  THB's designs - for building in wood - are available from Mrs Joan Jardine-Brown

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