Classic International 14s 

About early 14s

Dick Johnson adds to the story:

"Since the early part of the last century the International 14 class has been
at the forefront of small sailing craft development.  It was and still is a
class that encourages experimentation in design for hulls, sails and
peripherals.  For instance, the class first tried the trapeze for extending
crew weight over the side - then banned it for 17 years for some misguided
reason - and was the first in the UK to introduce the asymmetric spinnaker
and its retracting pole.

All this development has made for major changes in the class rules. From
just sitting out to single trapeze, from single trapeze to double trapeze,
from conventional spinnaker to asymmetric, from heavy wooden construction to
ultra-light carbon fibre, from a two piece rig that would fit in the guards
van of a pre WWII steam train to the present day 26ft carbon fibre rig.

Our Classics Section

Today the class has three divisions to accommodate those changes and does
its best to encourage them all to take part in its traditional events.  The
newest boats of course race to the latest rules and are among the fastest
and most challenging of dinghies.  Prior to the latest rule there is the
Penultimate rule of shorter rigs, twin trapezes and a heavier weight and
catering for all the other boats, we have the Classics section, which
includes the single trapeze, conventional spinnaker boats right on down to
the vintage masterpieces from names like Uffa Fox and Morgan Giles.  These
older boats might be carvel built on tiny steamed timbers and all are a
vital part of the history of sailing in this country".

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