Tall Ships and Sail Training
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    Included in this section:

    ASTO                                  (Sea Training Organisations umbrella body)
    Tall Ships Race                      (Race contacts)
    Falmouth Sail Training Ship    (Hardiesse - contacts)
    Tall Ships Youth Trust           (Voyages for Young People)
    Jubilee Sailing Trust               (Voyages for Disabled Sailors)


ASTO - Association of Tall Ships Organizations

ASTO is the UK''s National Sail Training organisation to which almost thirty other organisations belong.  ASTO also organises Small Ships Races.  Vessels available through member organisations range from tall ships to sailing trawlers, and include both traditional and modern craft.   ASTO members provide many opportunities for young people to go afloat (as well as adults) and a period of sea training for a youngster can be inexpensive and in some cases free.

For more details visit the ASTO web site at www.asto.org


Tall Ships Races 

Tall Ships races are run in three classes and a number of divisions:

Tall Ships Races

 Are organised by 
 Sail Training International
 5 Mumby Road  Gosport ,  Hants PO12 1AA, England
 Tel: 023 92 586367 Fax: 023 92 584661
 E-mail: office@sailtraininginternational.org
 Details of  the Tall Ships  series may be found at:

Web site: www.sailtraininginternational.org

Sail Training

Falmouth Sail Training Ship Hardiesse

The ship is certified to run 14 trainees and also takes kids on day trips from local schools as well as longer trips to France

For more information on  Falmouth's Sail Training Ship visit the website at:



Hardiesse in a gentle breeze



The Tall Ships Youth Trust

2a The Hard, Portsmouth
Hants PO1 3PT
Tel: 023  92 832055
Fax: 023 92 815769
Web site at: www.tallships.org

A separate division of the TSYT organises the Tall Ships Races, see above Sailing Trust

The Jubilee
Sailing Trust

Hazel Road
Southampton SO19 7GB
Tel:  023 80 449 108
Fax: 023 80 449 145

Email:      jst@jst.org.uk
Web site: www.jst.org.uk
  Lord Nelson under sail. Tenacious everything aloft.
Two ships built specifically to provide tall ships experience for those with physical disabilities, including wheelchair users.  For example Lord Nelson has flat, wide, decks for wheelchair users, stair lifts between decks, signs in Braille, hydraulically assisted steering and many other thoughtful features.  There are no passengers on this ship, everybody works, and in rough weather wheelchairs are anchored to the deck ! Tenacious is built and sailed to the same tradition.  She was built  specifically for the Jubilee Sailing Trust and disabled sailors helped with her construction. 

Tenacious sailed on her maiden voyage on the 1st of September 2000 and is now of ccourse, in regular service.


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