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Building a Model Thames Barge


On this source page we have listed Associations,  Plans, and Parts 
directly concerned with model barges.  

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Building a Model of James Piper - building a model Thames Barge at inch scale
Photo Source Page
- photographs for assistance with detailing.
Barge Charter - Charter companies providing Thames Barges
Thames Barge Associations - real world associations.
Barge Match Dates - Racing events for full sized barges.

Association of Model Barge Owners  -  AMBO
Model Thames Barge Sailing Championships - (MTBSC)

Treasurer/Membership Secretary: 
Mr Alan Rowe
16 Chestnut Grove
South Croydon
Surrey CR2 7LH

Contact:      Richard Chesney
Email:         rchesney@tesco.net
Website:     www.modelbarge.info

About AMBO

AMBO is a home to everyone with an interest in scale model Thames or Medway Sailing Barges. and runs the Model Thames Barge Sailing Championships (MTSBC).   Would-be builders, owners and skippers are all welcome, for both working and static models. Of course an association like this makes it easy for members to exchange research and technical know-how.  Regular race reports are sent to members.

Members  also meet informally on the second Sunday of the month at Maldon model boat pond - on the Maldon Promenade. The association was set up by Bob Bird and Richard Chesney and now has over 100 members. Membership costs 8.00 per year, which includes third party insurance.

AMBO Racing Classes

AMBO organises racing for barges in the following categories:

Bowsprit: 1/24th scale, hull length approx 42"
Staysail: 1/24th scale, hull length approx 42"
Coastal: 1/24th scale, hull length over 45"
Smaller class: Approx 1/35th - 1/40th scale, hull length under 30"
Smallest Class: Fun classes 12" or 6" in appropriate configuration

Matches: There are model barge matches throughout the year for which 
dates are shown on the AMBO web site.  


The AMBO web site has a substantial list of plans available for model barges.

For plans of James Piper - go to Dave Renouf's excellent website, see below

Dave Renouf's Web Site

Excellent site for all barge matters, real world and model. The site  includes photographs of a range of model barges, and a list of sources.  This probably the most comprehensive Thames barge site on the net.  David has included a round-up of available plans for model builders and is one of the most comprehensive lists available.

Web: www.thamesbarge.org.uk

Other Sailing Barge Plans

The following lines/drawings are available through the Thames Sailing Barge Trust (Formerly the Thames Barge Sailing Club) which at one time owned several of the barges. The sheets usually include hull lines, deck, sail plan and rigging.

    "Asphodel" (1900),  "Arrow" (1897), "Westmorland" (1900),
    "James Piper" (1894), "Lady of Lea" (1931) and "Verona" (1905).

Web:  www.bargetrust.org
For more about the Trust click here



Mastman has fixtures and fittings designed specifically for model barges, as well as for other traditional vessels.  They also supply scale rigging rope. Their catalogue is available to AMBO members or through their website at www.mastman.co.uk

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